Our Services

Activities and services normally included in our provision

  • Feasibility study and estimation of investment profitability.
  • Documentary Support .
  • Preliminary, final, mechanical, electrical, electroinstrumental and process design.
  • Plinth building design and general assistance to building design.
  • Preliminary and executive certification design in accordance with CE/PED standards .
  • Plant (including electrical/mechanical/instrumental works) supply and installation according to what listed in our specific technical offers for each plant/product.
  • Supervision, Automation and Management System of main and auxiliary systems with remote data transmission and network, power plant and substations integration, plus consumptions and energy production monitoring.
  • Continuous flue gases analysis System by the chimney as required by law.
  • General auxiliaries plants: emergency power supply (UPS) and generator, fire protection, industrial water, compressed air, lighting, anti-intrusion.
  • Transportation of all materials by construction site.
  • Building sites costs , internal transports, materials loading and unloading, lifting machines rent.
  • Plant start up and testing as well as training and assistance to plant run for a period to be determined.
  • Operating and maintenance manuals editing as well as technical documentation in final format as built.
  • Plant Certification according to CE / PED normatives as a whole.

Activities and Services normally NOT included in our provision

  • Professional type design (local professional enrolled to bullettin board, etc.).
  • General authorization processes costs (Services conferring, etc.).
  • Expenses from local permissions (occupation of public property, building permits, etc.).
  • Any purification treatment plants and/or connections to urban drainage networks.
  • Building design on buildings, yards, roads and managing relationships with local agencies.
  • Planning and managing relationships with the General Fire Brigade authorities.
  • Works for electrical room design and building.
  • Construction works for buildings, basements, foundations of machines and plants.
  • Building works relating to possible intake works.
  • Excavation, laying and earth moving works.
  • Spare parts for commissioning, pre-commissioning, and two years of operation.