SYSTEMS division

The Amarc SYSTEMS division designs, builds and installs products for: specialized automation, remote control of distributed systems, remote heat meter box reading, building automation, industrial and other systems automation, regulation and control, networking, remote management services, as well as remote control and remote operation, also for third parties.

The Amarc DHP systems division is the natural evolution of the experience acquired in the implementation, operation and especially remote control and remote support of systems and machines built and installed. The fundamental characteristics of Amarc DHP systems can be identified by the following elements:

  • The systems are free, open and based on standard components, protocols and software, always free or available, never proprietary.
  • Development and implementation of standard modules and well-consolidated logic and operation.
  • Ease of use and implementation.
  • Particular development of data archiving and logging systems, as well as systems for the analysis ofsuch data.
  • Organisation of user and/or plant databases and master data.
  • Implementation of existing systems and plants.

Specialized Automation

Remote reading and remote control of distributed systems

Remote management

Building Automation